Tuesday/ Thursday class

This post is applicable only to the Tuesday Thursday class.
We are getting a new student! Peyton will be joining our class on Thursday. He is a very nice boy. I'm sure he will fit in perfectly with this class.
The new number of snacks and valentines needed for this class is 11.


February calendar

The February calendar is ready for printing.

Here are some highlights:
February 1 is our field trip to the Museum of Natural History. We'll meet in the lobby at 10:30. You can stay for as little or as long as you would like. Siblings are OK. This is a free field trip, however, parking is no longer free. You can park in the Rice Eccles Stadium North entrance for $5. You can also take TRAX. Please click the link for more details about directions and parking.

Tuition is due on February 1, which is our field trip. I would prefer not to collect money at the field trip, so please either post-date a check with Feb 1 as the date and give it to me in class next time, or pay on February 3 and 4. *note: tuition will be late if it's paid after the 3rd or 4th (depending on your class' day) and will require a $10 late fee.

February 10 and 11 are the Valentine's parties. We will celebrate by playing games, making an edible craft, and passing out valentines to all of our friends at school. *We will make the holder in class. *Please fill out the FROM only portion of the valentine.

Monday/ Wednesday am class 7 valentines
Monday/ Wednesday pm class has 10 valentines
Tuesday/ Thursday class has 11 valentines

Please bring enough valentines so that the kids give ONE TO THEMSELVES and then one to each of the other children in the class. Bringing enough valentines for everyone including your own child will eliminate much confusion and tears.

February 15 is President's Day. There is no school. Monday /Wednesday am class will make up their day on Friday (19th) during regular class time. Monday / Wednesday pm class will make up their day on Thursday (18th) during their regular class time.

February 18 and 19. Please have your child bring a baby picture and a more current picture to school (a photocopy is fine). These photos will NOT be returned in favorable condition. We will be doing an art project that will look something like this:
February 24 and 25 is PJ day. That's right. The kids get to wear their pajamas to school that day!
Happy Birthday to Tori and Savannah. Both are turning 5!!


***UPDATED*** January Calendar

Your January Calendar is ready for printing.
  • There's a field trip happening on Jan. 14 for all classes. Big Daddy's Pizza. Click calendar for more details.

  • No school on Monday Jan 18 ~ MLK

  • Jan 19 and 20 is bring-your-teddy bear-to-school day. Kids will bring a teddy bear for us to do some fun math with!

  • Jan 22 is make up day for the snow day we had back in December (Tues /Thurs classes)

  • This month, we will be celebrating two birthdays. Caleb and Aiden (both turn 5 this month!)

REAL make up day

Our real make up day for the Tues Thurs class will be January 22 during our regular time.


Field trip next week

We have a fun field coming up on Thursday, January 14 for all classes!
We will meet at Big Daddy's Pizza (4950 W. 6200 S.) at 11:15
***This field trip is FREE, however, it would be very nice if each parent brought $1 -$2 to leave for a tip.
If you have any questions, please call or email me.