First Day of School

I thought you might me curious to know how the first day of school went. I think all classes went great! Today (and yesterday) for the most part, we just worked on the right way to be in preschool.
Here are some key phrases we use during school. Ask your child if they can show you what they mean.

*Sit on your pockets:

(a nice way to say "sit on your fanny" with your bottom flat on the floor)

*Criss-cross-applesauce and hugs with your arms: (Katie has her arms folded, her eyes on the teacher, and her legs are criss-crossed)

*Marshmallow cheeks: (Taylor is doing a perfect representation of marshmallow cheeks)

*Quiet Coyote:

(quiet coyotes always listen, never talk)

We are also working on raising our hands if we need to tell the teacher something:

(notice that Karlee and Lizzi are both raising their hands AND doing marshmallow cheeks.) Way to go girls!

***The stars of this post are the pm class. Don't worry if your class isn't featured today, at some point it will be! For more first day pictures, see the next post. It contains ALL three classes.