Welcome Back!

Just wanted to welcome everyone back to school. The first day went great!

I have extended the book order due date to Tuesday, September 14. Our class activation code is GPBBQ. There are 3 books for $1 each: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Courdory, and David Goes to School (Chicka Chicka and David goes to school are among the favorites of my preschoolers!) To order, go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs . Our class activation code: GPBBQ. (no period)

This week, we're starting the alphabet. The kids will be bringing home a letter Aa booklet on Monday and Tuesday. Similar booklets will be coming home each Monday and Tuesday throughout this school year. I recommend saving the booklets so your child can look at them and refer to them as the year goes on.

Also, my phone line has been damaged somehow. I have opened a repair ticket and it should be up and running by Monday evening. If you need to contact me, please call my cell phone.

Looking forward to a great year!
Ms. B :)


Quick update

I wanted to quickly share a couple dates with you so you can mark your calendars.
Preschool Meet and Greet is September 1 and 2 depending on your child's class day (an invitation will be arriving soon with more details)
First day of school is September 8 and 9. The only thing your child needs to start school is a full sized backpack.
I have also updated the calendar for the year so you can note days off and things like that. Please do not print yet, as I'm still making adjustments.



I think we can head to the park today for the picnic. It's cool out, but not cold. Just bring a jacket and prepare to run around with your kids (that will keep us warm!)
See you in a bit!



Just wanted to give everyone a heads up:
As you know, our picnic is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30. If the weather is chilly and windy like it is today, we will do McDonald's instead of the park. So, if you go outside tomorrow and it's chilly, head to the golden arches. If the weather is nice and warm, we'll go to the park.
If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me.


One thing you won't have to remember

The kids will not need their backpacks any more this year. All the papers and projects we are doing for the remainder of our classes, will stay at school.

But DO remember:
Picnic is May 21 at 11:30
Graduation is May 25 at 11:30 (Monday/ Wednesday classes
1:00 for Tuesday/ Thursday kids


Print Your May Calendar

OK- the May calendar is FINALLY ready to print. Thanks for your patience on that!
There is so much going on in may. Please print out BOTH the calendar and this post so that you can have all the details about each event, right at your finger tips.

  • The first thing on our list is the What's in the Box? Guess and then tell- show and tell. You should have received an email or a hot pink note in your child's backpack about this fun activity. If for some reason you did not, please refer to this post for more information. We're doing this MONDAY AND TUESDAY of THIS WEEK!!! To clarify, that's May 3 and 4. This is our LAST show and tell for the year.

    Second: We have a
    picnic on Friday, May 21 at Hunter Park*. Hunter park is located at 3500 S. 6000 W. We will meet at 11:30 on the West side by the playground. Bring a lunch for you and your little one, a blanket or chair to sit on, sunscreen, and camera. I will provide a treat for the kids after their lunch.
  • *In case of bad weather, we will meet at McDonald's on 8400 W. and 3500 S. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide a treat if we have to go there and you will need to purchase a lunch from McDonald's; as they do not allow outside food or drink. (so keep your fingers crossed for good weather!)

  • Third: Your child brought home a CD a few weeks ago with songs that we will be singing for our end of year program. Please play that every chance you get so that your child will be ready for our performance!

  • Speaking of performance, the Fourth item on the agenda: Our end of year program is on Tuesday, May 25 at Hunter Library. Hunter Library is located at 4740 W. 4100 S. The Monday / Wednesday classes will perform at 11:30 (both am and pm). The Tuesday / Thursday class will perform at 1:00. Please be prepared to stand and give a very short (30 sec-1 min) I'm so proud of_____ because speech. Be sure to include how much they've learned and grown through the year.

  • Fifth: We're celebrating May AND summer birthdays this month. Mylee, Hilary, Jackson, Kody, Ainzleigh, Dominic and Kade- all turn 4!!! Kyle and Ellie turn 5!!! Happy Happy birthday guys!

  • Lastly: Open enrollment has begun for preschool next year. Word of mouth is the GREATEST compliment you can give!


May calendar is coming...soon

The May calendar is ALMOST ready to print. I need to get a couple of things finalized before it's ready. Hopefully, everything will be set by the end of the day today. Thanks for your patience.

Also, I sent a note home or an email (depending on your child's class) explaining our What's in the box? Guess and then tell Show and tell. Whew- that's a long name!! Anyway, just in case you didn't check your email or the note got lost, here's what we're doing: (you may wish to print out the note if for some reason you didn't get it)The secret show and tell does not have to begin with the letter "x" and the word doesn't need to contain the letter "x". We will be focusing on the BOX itself. You could include ANYTHING inside the box. A favorite toy, a favorite snack, picture of something you like to do, something you think is funny or gross or something you don't like at all...ANYTHING!!!! Remember, the item does not need to have anything to do with the letter x.