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Mark your calendars

The field trip date for November has been set. We will be going to Sweet Candy company on Thursday, November 12. There are two field trip times: 9am and 11am. Please sign up for the one you would like. You may do so in an email, over the phone, on the note that will be posted on the door a few days before the field trip, or by commenting on this post.

Sweet's has specific guidelines for us to follow while we are on our tour. Some of these include: no jewelery (including wedding rings), cameras and purses must be left in cars or checked in at front desk, everyone must wear a hair net, etc. Please click here for tour guidelines.

The week of November 9-13 is a THREE day school week for all classes. All kids who normally meet on Thursday, will meet on Friday instead.

One last thing about this particular field trip. Each time slot has room for 30 people (one student, and one adult). Unfortunately, siblings will not be able to attend this tour.

****Please scroll down to the next post for more details about November, and a peak at December's events.*****


November Calendar

The November Calendar is ready. (you may wish to come back to print it at the beginning of November, that way the field trip date will be set)

Here are of the highlights:

  • Tentative field trip on Friday, November 13. The other possible date is Thursday the 12. If the field trip happens on the 12th, Thursday's preschool class will be held on Friday during the regular time block.

  • November 23 and 24 will be our Thanksgiving Feast. Bring one food that you are thankful for to share with your friends (individual portions are NOT neaded. I will be serving the food buffet style)

  • No school November 25 and 26

  • The Monday Wednesday class has 9 sessions of school in November. To even things up for all classes, I have made November 30 count as a December class.
Heads up:
  • December tuition is $50 (we have just 7 sessions of school)
  • December 17 we will have a performance for the Legacy Senior Center. Click that date on the December calendar for more details.


Misc. Updates

  • New: Look for homework in your child's backpack every Monday or Tuesday. All children who bring their completed homework back to school on Wednesday or Thursday, will get a prize!
  • Remember: EVERY Monday and Tuesday is show and Tell. Please help your child select something interesting -that is NOT a toy- to bring to school to share with the class.
  • Please call me if your child will be absent school so that we don't wait for you to come.

October Book Suggestions

This month's book suggestions are:
In Firefly: #83 The Wind Blew - total classic. and #74 Ten Fat Turkeys- goofy and fun counting book complete with death defying (not really) stunts done by turkeys!
In Seesaw: #8 Can You See What I See? On a Scary Night - very cool pictures...slightly spooky! My 8 year old loves it! and #20 Goodnight Goon -I haven't read this one, but it looks so funny! Amazon gave it really good reviews. I'm definitely getting it!
In Honeybee: (this one is just packed with super-great books!) You have to have #36 Knuffle Bunny (pronounced with the K sound). I'm pretty sure that this one is my #1 favorite kids' book of all time. I absolutely love it!!! (and so does my husband and kids) #25 Goodnight Moon- another classic. #24 Go Away Big Green Monster- very silly. Cut out pages that make a not so scary monster. There are many other great reads. Be sure to look this one over carefully so that you don't miss anything!!
You can order online at www.scholastic.com/parentordering our username is writestartpreschool the password is mrsbarnett