May calendar is coming...soon

The May calendar is ALMOST ready to print. I need to get a couple of things finalized before it's ready. Hopefully, everything will be set by the end of the day today. Thanks for your patience.

Also, I sent a note home or an email (depending on your child's class) explaining our What's in the box? Guess and then tell Show and tell. Whew- that's a long name!! Anyway, just in case you didn't check your email or the note got lost, here's what we're doing: (you may wish to print out the note if for some reason you didn't get it)The secret show and tell does not have to begin with the letter "x" and the word doesn't need to contain the letter "x". We will be focusing on the BOX itself. You could include ANYTHING inside the box. A favorite toy, a favorite snack, picture of something you like to do, something you think is funny or gross or something you don't like at all...ANYTHING!!!! Remember, the item does not need to have anything to do with the letter x.


Picture Day Reminder and slight change of plans

Next week, on Wednesday and Thursday, it's picture day! We are going to have our picture taken during the regular school day, but there has been a slight change in plans. Rather than taking the pictures in my home, we will be walking over to the town home club house with a much larger area for picture-taking. It's a short distance to the west of my home, with sidewalks or paved trails the whole way. Also, each class will have a parent helper to make sure we all get there safe and sound.
*You may want to bring a water bottle with your child's name on it just in case he/she gets thirsty.
*Package prices will be coming home in backpacks on Wednesday and Thursday.
*I will have a sample individual portrait on my door for you to look at.

Picture day helpers are:
M/W am Kade's mom
M/W pm Arianna's mom
T/Th Soda's mom


Program CDs

By the end of class Monday, your child should have received a CD with all of the songs we will be performing at our end of year program on Tuesday May 25 (click the date on the calendar for more details). There are even a few "bonus tracks" for learning the alphabet, shapes and writing numbers. We have sung the majority of these songs throughout the school year, but there are a couple of new ones in there too.
Please play this CD like crazy! Put it on your mp3 player, play it in the car. Do you have an old portable CD player with headphones? Put it in there and let your little one listen to it.
If for some reason your child didn't get one or you have a faulty one, let me know. I can easily make you another.Thanks so much!!

Movie Star Day and Helpers

MOVIE STAR DAY IS THIS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. Kids can dress up like a movie star if they wish. This is also the day I'll be making our movie for graduation. Please make sure your child is here. I want everyone in our movie!

Here's what I have down for helpers

Movie Star Day parents (this Wednesday and Thursday) are
M/W am= Riley's mom
M/W pm = Stone's mom
T/Th = Grace's mom

Picture Day parents (next Wednesday and Thursday the 28 & 29)
M/W am= Kade's mom
M/W pm=_______________
T/TH= Soda's mom

*I'm going to be doing both things at the beginning of class, and I just need you for as long as it takes. Hopefully it won't be more than an hour, but you never know.

Thanks so much to all of my parents. You guys are amazing!!


Helpers (edited)

I'm looking for a helper in each of the classes on April 28th and 29th (school picture day). The helper will just supervise the kids while they are either watching a movie or having free time. Please either leave a comment, call me, or drop me an email if you can help.
P.S. If you have a little one that you need to bring, that's just fine.


April Calendar is ready for printing

The April calendar is ready for printing. Just click on the print icon on the upper right hand corner of the calendar. Once you are in the print screen, you can choose the size of font it's printed in, the color, and if you want it to print as a portrait or landscape. PLEASE print it up and hang it in a visible place. Helpful tip: print this post on the back side of the calendar. This way you will have all the details about each happening.

Here are the highlights of this month:
  • April 21 and 22 is movie star day. The kids can come to school dressed up like a movie star if they would like to. (fancy dresses, feather boas, high heels, top hats, bow ties, sunglasses, super man capes, etc) I will need a mommy (or daddy or grandparent) helper on this day in each class. (this is the day I film the kids for our preschool video, so please please please make sure your child is at school this day)

  • April 23 book orders are due. This will be the last book order of the regular school year. If you would like to place an order, go to www.scholastic.com/parentordering

username is writestartpreschool

password is mrsbarnett

This month, I recommend Mars Needs Moms! #53 in SeeSaw April

  • April 28 and 29 is school picture day. Based on the poll on this site a couple of weeks ago, the majority of you would like group style pictures, so that's what we'll do! The pictures will be taken inside, during preschool, against a BLACK backdrop. Bright colors always look best in photos. It is recommended that you do not put your child in black. (with the black background, it may look like a floating head :) ) You will have the option to purchase an individual photo of your child or a class picture OR a combination of both.

  • We will celebrate Kanamu's birthday this month. He will be 5! Happy birthday!!

  • I will be sending a note home in the backpacks this week about Summer Camp. The first day of summer classes will be Monday, June 7. Tuition is $60. There are no additional registration or start up costs.

Heads up for next month:

  • The theme for next month is "Wrapping it up"

  • May 3 &4 is our Mystery Box show and tell. It's also the LAST show and tell of the year.

  • May 24 is the picnic at Hunter Park

  • May 25 is the end of year program at Hunter Library

  • (you can find out more details about each of these "events" by clicking on the highlighted box of that day and then clicking to view details.)

  • In May, we will celebrate all summer birthdays. Please check the calendar to see which date we will celebrate your little one's birthday.