Movie Star Day and Helpers

MOVIE STAR DAY IS THIS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. Kids can dress up like a movie star if they wish. This is also the day I'll be making our movie for graduation. Please make sure your child is here. I want everyone in our movie!

Here's what I have down for helpers

Movie Star Day parents (this Wednesday and Thursday) are
M/W am= Riley's mom
M/W pm = Stone's mom
T/Th = Grace's mom

Picture Day parents (next Wednesday and Thursday the 28 & 29)
M/W am= Kade's mom
M/W pm=_______________
T/TH= Soda's mom

*I'm going to be doing both things at the beginning of class, and I just need you for as long as it takes. Hopefully it won't be more than an hour, but you never know.

Thanks so much to all of my parents. You guys are amazing!!