March calendar

Here are the highlights of the month:

We have 2 birthdays. Tess and Caitlyn. Happy birthday girls!!

March has 10 sessions. Rather than taking a break this month, we will count the last week of March as part of our April sessions. That way we can have a long spring break!

Don't forget, tuition is due March 1. It is late March 6. Late fees will be enforced.

Open enrollment for preschool begins on March 5. Word of mouth is the best compliment you could give!

On March 31, we are going on a field trip to 42nd Street Greenhouse (4221 S. 700 E. behind the red brick house) We will go in two separate groups/ times. Please choose 10:00 or 11:30 am. I will put a sign up sheet on the door the week before. Note: This field trip will take the place of classes on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Remember: April's tuition is due on the 1st, but we do not have school that day. Please either post date your check or make arrangements to drop it by or mail it so that it reaches me before the 6th.

Spring break is from April 1- 10.


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Today during show and tell, Asia was telling us about going to the doctor. I asked her "What's your doctor's name?" She replied "Dr. Ancovenants".

At the end of class today, we played Simon Says while we waited for the parents to come. Kyle was the Simon. He said "Simon says sit down on the floor". So, we did. Then he sat there for a minute thinking. Finally he said "Simon s... no wait a minute, I'm going to do it without the Simon says".

A couple of weeks ago, Kanamu and Stone were talking about how strong they are. Kanamu said "I'm really strong!" Stone replied "Well, I'm really strong. I have seriously been workin' out!"

About a month ago, the class was being a bit noisy. I had reminded them a couple different times that it was my turn to talk. Kyle raised his hand and said "Teacher, sometimes I can't go quiet."


Current Student and Sibling Enrollment

Current Student and sibling enrollment has begun. Returning students who enroll before March 5 will have a discounted registration fee of $20. On March 5, the fee goes back to $30, and I will begin open enrollment.
Wednesday-Friday I will be sending home the registration forms in an envelope in your child's backpack. If for some reason you do not receive yours, please let me know. I would be happy to give you another.


Thursday and Friday

This week we are talking about growing and changing. Thursday and Friday you will need to bring a current picture and a baby picture to school. We are using them for an art project and they will not come home in favorable condition. Photo copies will work just fine. See above for example.
Also, Thursday, the pm class will have class to make up for Monday's holiday.
Friday, the Monday Wednesday morning class will have their make up for Monday.
*Tues/ Thurs class will have their regularly scheduled class on Thursday.


Important note

Look in backpacks for an important note coming home Tuesday and Wednesday.