Feedback Needed

I've added a couple more polls to the blog this evening.
Thank you for "voting".

Yearbook or Group Style

This is the yearbook style picture:
The nice thing about this style of photo is that everyone gets a perfect photo.

Group style picture:
The plus about this style, is that personalities really come through with the whole group together.
Whether you guys decide to go with the group style OR the yearbook style, there will be package options. You will be able to order an individual shot as well as a group photo or a combination of the two. (individuals will not be against a white background this year.)


I have added four polls on here today. Please take a moment to click on the answer that best describes the way you feel about the topic.
Thanks! Your feedback will help me in planning for both the remainder of this year and next year as well.


  • Next week is our field trip on Wednesday, March 31. Please sign up for 10:00 or 11:30.
  • Spring break begins on Thursday, April 1. We will return to school on Monday and Tuesday April 12 and 13.
  • Also, remember that tuition is due on April 1. In order to avoid late fees, your tuition must reach me BY April 5. We are not in school those days. You are welcome to write a check now with a post date for some time between the 1st and 5th day if you would like.


Good Deal!

Last night I went to Costco (West Valley) and they had the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD for 6.89! That is such a good deal!! In addition to the letter Factory, they also had a "Let's Go to School" and "Math Adventure to the Moon". (I have not watched the second two movies, but I did pick those up for $6.89 as well)