December Calendar

The December calendar is ready for printing. Remember, it's a short month, so tuition is $50.

Your child will be bringing home a Christmas Program CD this week. Please put it in the cd player as much as you can for the next 3 weeks so that your child can practice practice practice for our program.

**I am in need of empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes for an art project the week of the 7th. If you've got an empty roll lying around, please send it to school this week!!**

Here are some of this month's highlights:

  • Our Christmas parties will be on Wednesday, December 16 and Friday, December 18 for Tuesday/ Thursday class. The children will draw names at school for their "secret friend". They should bring a new, wrapped gift, valued at about $2 for a gift exchange that day. Please attach a To/From note or tag so that we know who to thank. Look for a note with the secret friend's name on it, on December 7 or 8, depending upon class day.
  • Thursday, December 17 is our field trip/ program for all classes. We will be performing for Legacy Senior Center located at 6302 S. Gold Medal Dr. (just east of Bangerter Highway). The children should wear their holiday best for this occasion. We will meet at the center at about 10:50 so that we can get in our places and begin on time. The program will last until about 11:30. Please note that the main purpose of the program is to provide a fun activity for the people who reside there, so parents should sit to the back of the room allowing the residents the "best seats in the house".
  • Arianna will celebrate her birthday this month. Happy birthday Arianna!
  • No School from December 21- January 3



I have added a poll to the sidebar. Please take a moment to select the appropriate box or boxes about preschool homework.

Mark your calendars

The field trip date for November has been set. We will be going to Sweet Candy company on Thursday, November 12. There are two field trip times: 9am and 11am. Please sign up for the one you would like. You may do so in an email, over the phone, on the note that will be posted on the door a few days before the field trip, or by commenting on this post.

Sweet's has specific guidelines for us to follow while we are on our tour. Some of these include: no jewelery (including wedding rings), cameras and purses must be left in cars or checked in at front desk, everyone must wear a hair net, etc. Please click here for tour guidelines.

The week of November 9-13 is a THREE day school week for all classes. All kids who normally meet on Thursday, will meet on Friday instead.

One last thing about this particular field trip. Each time slot has room for 30 people (one student, and one adult). Unfortunately, siblings will not be able to attend this tour.

****Please scroll down to the next post for more details about November, and a peak at December's events.*****


November Calendar

The November Calendar is ready. (you may wish to come back to print it at the beginning of November, that way the field trip date will be set)

Here are of the highlights:

  • Tentative field trip on Friday, November 13. The other possible date is Thursday the 12. If the field trip happens on the 12th, Thursday's preschool class will be held on Friday during the regular time block.

  • November 23 and 24 will be our Thanksgiving Feast. Bring one food that you are thankful for to share with your friends (individual portions are NOT neaded. I will be serving the food buffet style)

  • No school November 25 and 26

  • The Monday Wednesday class has 9 sessions of school in November. To even things up for all classes, I have made November 30 count as a December class.
Heads up:
  • December tuition is $50 (we have just 7 sessions of school)
  • December 17 we will have a performance for the Legacy Senior Center. Click that date on the December calendar for more details.


Misc. Updates

  • New: Look for homework in your child's backpack every Monday or Tuesday. All children who bring their completed homework back to school on Wednesday or Thursday, will get a prize!
  • Remember: EVERY Monday and Tuesday is show and Tell. Please help your child select something interesting -that is NOT a toy- to bring to school to share with the class.
  • Please call me if your child will be absent school so that we don't wait for you to come.

October Book Suggestions

This month's book suggestions are:
In Firefly: #83 The Wind Blew - total classic. and #74 Ten Fat Turkeys- goofy and fun counting book complete with death defying (not really) stunts done by turkeys!
In Seesaw: #8 Can You See What I See? On a Scary Night - very cool pictures...slightly spooky! My 8 year old loves it! and #20 Goodnight Goon -I haven't read this one, but it looks so funny! Amazon gave it really good reviews. I'm definitely getting it!
In Honeybee: (this one is just packed with super-great books!) You have to have #36 Knuffle Bunny (pronounced with the K sound). I'm pretty sure that this one is my #1 favorite kids' book of all time. I absolutely love it!!! (and so does my husband and kids) #25 Goodnight Moon- another classic. #24 Go Away Big Green Monster- very silly. Cut out pages that make a not so scary monster. There are many other great reads. Be sure to look this one over carefully so that you don't miss anything!!
You can order online at www.scholastic.com/parentordering our username is writestartpreschool the password is mrsbarnett


Fire Station

Here are a couple of pictures I took at our fire station field trip last week. I hope you all enjoyed our visit to the fire house as much as I did!

**Please remember to bring your thank you cards back to school so that I can deliver our banner and cards this week.

*Also, I wanted to thank Melinda and Kellie, (my field trip coordinators) for setting this up and providing us with the huge thank you banner, and all the extra field trip goodies! I really appreciate you guys!

*Do you know of a great field trip idea? Please share. I would love to hear any suggestions!


October Calendar

The October calendar is ready for printing.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • October 21 at 11:30 is our field trip to Engh's at 8214 S. 700 E. (This is for all classes and will take the place of school on Wednesday and Thursday)

  • No school on October 22 (because of our field trip the day before)

  • October 28 and 29 is our Halloween party. Come dressed up in your costumes! You may bring a treat to share with the class if you would like!
October birthdays: Stone, Soda, Grace and Payton. Happy birthday guys!!
*****If you would like to be on the list to be emailed each time I update this blog, please either drop me an email, call me, or put your email address in the comment section (if you add it to the comments, I will not post the comment)


September Calendar

Your September is ready for your viewing and printing pleasure! See post below for calendar FAQs.

*First days of school are Tuesday Sept. 8 and Wednesday Sept. 9
  • Wear your favorite color
  • Bring your class book page back to school
  • Show and Tell
  • Bring backpack or bag every day
  • Parents: If you didn't fill out a "student information" form at the open house, please do so before you leave your child on the first day.

*Thursday, September 10: book orders due. Click here to order online. Our class user name is writestartpreschool our password is mrsbarnett (scroll down to a previous post for suggestions)

*Friday, September 18 is a field trip for all classes to the fire station. Please check backpacks Wednesday and Thursday (9/9 and 9/10) for more details.

*We are celebrating August and September birthdays this month: Happy birthday to Logan, Asia, Tesla, Nathan, Shelby, and Mrs. B. At least one class day before your child's birthday celebration, you will receive a note in your little one's backpack with more details and a poster to fill out.

Calendar FAQs

Just a couple things about the calendar:

  • I use the Sunday column to add the weekly theme and letter. There are no activities for preschool that occur on the weekends.
  • If you click on an "event" in the calendar, you can get a more detailed description about that activity.
  • You can print the calendar by clicking on the printer icon located on the yellow bar that runs across the top of the calendar.
  • In the pop-up printer window, you will be able to customize the font size, color and orientation of the calendar

Book Suggestions

Book orders are due Thursday September 10. To order, go to www.scholastic.com/parentordering our username is writestartpreschool our password is mrsbarnett

There are many many good books to choose from! Below are some of my favorites in these flyers:

In Honeybee I like:
#16 The Crayon Box that Talked (it's only $1)
#41 If You Give a...Pack. All the Laura Numeroff books in this series are so fun! This set is great because it has Moose a Muffin, Pig a Pancake and Mouse to School! Very fun reads!
#22 Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. This is a favorite for my students! They love telling the pigeon "NO!"
#32 The Hiccupotamus. A bad case of the hiccups and goofy words make this book a must-have-umous!

In Firefly I like:
#43 Llama Llama Red Pajama. It's only $1 and it's a cute read!
#51 Pinkalicious and Puplicious Pair is a must have for little girls.
#27 Halloween Fun Pack. It contains 3 books. Room on a Broom, which is my absolute favorite Halloween book! Spooky Hour is fun too. But, I'll admit I've never read The Best Halloween Hunt Ever

In SeeSaw I like:
#49 If I Built a Car (I haven't actually read this one, but a teacher/friend of mine says her preschooler and first grader love it. It's their favorite book right now!)
#29 David Duo both are must haves for EVERY child's library
#22 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Pack - the book is OK by itself, but with the DVD, it is awesome! I haven't had a class yet, who didn't like to watch it, and the kids absolutely LOVE the song!
For the budding scientist, I really like #79 Science Vocabulary Readers Mega Library. I love them because they keep the children's attention, they have real photos, and they have very interesting facts. You might even learn something when you read them!


Open House

Open House Wednesday September 2
Monday/ Wednesday am class is from 10:00-11:15
Tuesday/ Thursday class is from 11:15-12:30
Monday/ Wednesday pm class is from 12:30-1:45
I can't wait to see you!!
First day of school is Tuesday September 8 (for Tues/ Thurs class)
First day of school is Wednesday September 9 (for Mon/Wed classes)


Books about School

I thought you might enjoy this list of books perfect for back to school!
Kids' Books About Life at School Scholastic.com

Shared via AddThis


August Happenings

Tuition is $30 this month because we have just 4 sessions of preschool.
Our End of Summer party will be on Thursday, August 13 from 10:00-11:30. We are having a water party, so bring your child to school lathered in sunscreen, wearing a swimsuit and shoes that can get wet! We are going to slip and slide, run through the sprinklers, eat Popsicles and have a great time outdoors!

Coming next month:
*Preschool Open house will be on Wednesday, September 2. (I'll be sending post cards out in a couple weeks.)
*First day of school will be September 9 or 10 depending on your child's class.
**The only thing your child will need for school is a backpack or bag that can fit a full sized sheet of paper in it without being folded.
2009-2010 school Calendar
*Please take a glance at this year's days off and possible field trip dates so that you can have them in the back of your mind. This is a tentative schedule, so do not print anything yet. I will update themes, letters, field trip info, and any other pertinent information on a monthly basis.


A - Camping - We - Will - Go!

I thought I'd share the lyrics to a song the kids are having so much fun singing!
(Tune: The Farmer and the Dell)

A camping we will go (make hiking, walking movements)
A camping we will go
Hi ho the dairy-o
A camping we will go!

We'll pitch the tent right here (make a big tent with arms)
We'll pitch the tent right here
Hi Ho the dairy o
We'll pitch the tent right here!

We'll crawl into the tent (crawl)
We'll crawl into the tent
Hi ho the dairy o
We'll pitch the tent right here!

We're having lots of fun (jump up and down)
We're having lots of fun
Ho ho the dairy o
We're having lots of fun!



I like to let you know when I find something worth sharing! while shopping at Kohl's this week, I found that they had three great books for $5 each (all are hardcover). One of my favorites to read to the class is What do you do with a tail like this! It's a great book about crazy animals and what they used different parts of their bodies for. For example, did you know that a cricket's ears are in it's knees? Anyway, the kids ewe and awe when I read it!


Summer Time Pictures

Here's a couple of pictures I've taken so far this summer. Enjoy!


A picture is worth a thousand words...


Funny stuff

The kids have been cracking me up lately!

One boy was showing his show and tell the other day, and he pulled out two different toys. The kids were in awe. He boasted "Yeah, I have a lots of toys" and of course the kids were saying they did too, but his reply was this. "I have ten thousand, eight hundred, ten thousand, eight hundred, ten thousand, eight hundred, ten thousand, eight hundred, ten thousand eight hundred." I think he wanted to get the point across that he had many many toys!

Yesterday, a little girl was sitting at the desk working on her paper. She was telling someone "I'm gonna be the hottest girl in the talent show!"

Another little girl was done with her work. She seemed to be pondering something. All of the sudden she says "Teacher, I think when I get home I'm gonna eat a pear!" I said "you're going to eat a pear?" She said "yeah, they make me go craaaazzy!"



A little guy in my class today told me
"Teacher, that scared me out of death!"

I always tell the kids they are "rockin' my world" if they are doing something exceptionally well. One kid always asks me "Teacher, am I rockin' your world?"


Love is in the air.

Look how cute, his arm is around her while they are eating snacks today.